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PM must focus on savings jobs

Re. CAW and Chrysler to start last-ditch negotiationsToronto Star logo

What exactly is a recession? Economists speak of successive quarters of negative growth but that definition is is meaningless. In the real world, a recession is when your job or income is threatened. It's when you're afraid to purchase or make long-term commitments because you're worried about whether you'll need that money shortly.

That's what is so ludicrous about Harper's "plan" to fight the recession. While he's spending billions to make the economy safe for investment bankers, he's bickering with companies that actually produce something. His insistance that they deepen the recession by throwing more people out of work is simply making millions of working people fear for their own future.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I use the vernacular and say "screw the SOBs who created the recession". The government should be putting its efforts into preserving jobs and incomes, not destroying them. Every direct layoff he demands leads indirectly to many more.

Unfortunately, like most people who studied economics, Harper is too full of abstract theories to notice the disconnect from the real world.

Gary Dale

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