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Taxpayer dollars used to silence Arab group

Toronto Community News logo
Re: 'Language school's funding cut,' News, March 20

It is disingenuous of immigration minister Jason Kenney to use an unsavoury remark by Canadian Arab Federation (CAF) president Khaled Mouammar as an excuse to cut off the funding of an organization that provides valuable services to newcomers in Canada.

Alykhan Velhsi, Jason Kenney's communications director, stated that "we've given them notice that if their behaviour doesn't change" the second contract won't be renewed.

This statement illustrates the same arrogant and sanctimonious attitude that the American and Canadian governments have held towards people of Gaza, using the pressure of economic blockades and withheld recognition to dissuade them from supporting Hamas.

There are laws in this country against hate crimes. If Velshi and minister Kenney believe that the CAF's views are hateful, they should initiate legal charges and let the court decide. But please do not use taxpayers' dollars to silence reasonable criticism of pro-Israeli policies.

Abbas Syed

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