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Prohibit those guns - or not

Toronto Star logo
re. Ammunition for gun ban

Hand gun owners have been telling people that almost all hand guns used in crimes are smuggled in from the United States. Police forces across Canada report report numbers from a third to a half of all guns used in crimes come from theft of legal weapons. I know which numbers I trust.

Banning private ownership of hand guns won't stop criminals from using them but it will have two important effects. Firstly, it will make hand guns harder to come by.

Secondly, it will allow the police to confiscate and possibly charge people found with hand guns before they are used in crimes. Critics will point out that the police can already do that. However, failure to register a hand gun is at worst a minor offence. Possession of a prohibited is a more serious charge.

Too many people, often innocent bystanders, are being killed by hand guns. A provincial ban is long overdue.

Gary Dale

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