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Members in the Media

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Member Publication Date Subject
Gary Dale Toronto Star logo 2004-12-29 re. Courts must have final say on arbitration
Judy Newman Scarborough Mirror logo 2004-12-24 Marriage makes women property
Gary Dale Scarborough Mirror logo 2004-12-15 Human rights the question in same-sex marriage debate
Gary Dale Scarborough Mirror logo 2004-07-09 Politicians should answer to citizens
Gary Dale Scarborough Mirror logo 2004-04-14 re. Councillors vote to save parkland
Gary Dale Scarborough Mirror logo 2004-03-12 re. People should be free to practise religion of choice, youth writes
various members Ming Pao Daily News 2004-03-11 NDP Transit Day

note: The federal riding of Pickering-Scarborough East came into being in 2004. The NDP riding association was created by a motion of its members on February 28, 2004.

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