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Members in the Media

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NOTE: these are letters submitted prior to the establishment of the Pickering-Scarborough East Riding Association. They are from members of the former Scarborough East NDP riding association published on the Scarborough East website which was originally set up in 2003. Records of letters were not kept before then.

Due to differences in that website's practices, the dates for some of these letters may be different from the publishing date. Also, not all of the letters were necessarily published outside of the website. Where we can confirm outside publication, we have provided a link to that publication (but not necessarily to the article).

Member Publication Date Subject
Gary Dale Scarborough Mirror logo 2003-12-10 re. And they wonder why we don't vote
Gary Dale Toronto Star logo 2003-11-24 re. Deficit talk reminiscent of the Tories
Gary Dale 2003-09-14re. Revered Muslim Cleric held in the U.S.
Gary Dale 2003-09-08Why doesn't Eves know how much his promises will cost?
Gary Dale 2003-08-26re. Eves' leadership beats competition
Gary Dale 2003-08-23Blackout Myths
Gary Dale 2003-08-23re. Looking for Leadership
Gary Dale 2003-08-18Public Power
Gary Dale 2003-07-20re. Ontario nuclear woes began before Tories
Gary Dale 2003-07-20re. Don't let pollsters steal election
Gary Dale 2003-07-19re. Forum examines health issues
Gary Dale 2003-05-29re. SARS, West Nile, Work to Rule and the Tories
Gary Dale 2003-06-22re. Car insurance signs clear, bumpy road ahead
Gary DaleToronto Sun logo2003-06-16re. Highway Robbery
Gary Dale 2003-06-16re. School vouchers in all but name
Gary Dale 2003-05-15re. Chrétien resumes an old battle
Gary DaleToronto Star logo2003-05-01re. Coalition quits race-crime talks
Gary Dale 2003-04-30re. Is it time to rethink mandatory retirement?
Gary DaleToronto Star logo2003-04-14re. Armed with polls, Eves goes to war
Gary Dale 2003-04-09re. Incumbent announces candidacy
Gary Dale 2003-04-08re. No spring vote, Eves confirms
Gary DaleScarborough Mirror logo2003-04-04re. Scarborough East boundaries
Gary Dale 2003-03-31re. Eves' plans
Gary Dale 2003-03-31re. Buoyant NDP moves into attack mode
Gary Dale 2003-04-27re. Blue Ribbon Campaign backs health workers
Gary DaleScarborough Mirror logo2003-03-27re. Issue of war comes down to loyalty
Gary DaleToronto Star logo2003-03-26re. Magna Carta vs. Magna Budget
Gary Dale 2003-03-19re. Mystery Bug
Gary Dale 2003-03-19re. Woman Accused of using phony passport
Gary Dale 2003-03-18re. International Women's Day
Gary Dale 2003-03-17re. GTA Transit Plans
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